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I had meant to do more drawing when I first made this account... but I needed a light box to color in my pictures and my sister's broke, so I ended up forgetting about drawing.  Recently, I've been getting into writing fan fiction over on, so I figured I may as well post my stuff here.  Hope you enjoy looking at my stuff!


Hello, there! My name is Sarah, nice to meet you! (Whoever YOU are)

I mainly write fanfiction and then, mainly for Sherlock Holmes. As for drawing, I mainly draw fanart and OCs. I'm very indecisive so I need a base to work off of before I start drawing. My sister is an artist who frequently gives me tips; if you see some references on the side of any of my pictures, know that it's my sister trying to help me.

I like manga, books, neopets, writting, and lots of other things beside. Hope you enjoy looking at my work and critiques and tips are always welcome!

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